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Advanta Solutions LLC

Advanta Solutions was founded in 1989 when two former consultants from Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) formed their own boutique firm. They offered software development disciplines and consulting best practices without extravagant prices and cost escalations common to large-scale IT projects. The need for a disciplined approach, scaled in size and efficiency to serve the needs of departmental managers, was immediately apparent as the company grew to meet demand. A key mission was to avoid the bureaucracy of large consultancies while enforcing quality standards demanded by big business.

Initially, Advanta Solutions was incorporated as Professional Information Consulting, Inc. The company served as consultants and integrators of back office applications. Early successes in the development of complex systems for large clients like Arco, Bank of America and Xerox established the firm's reputation for rapid deployment and refined the company's development processes on a scale appropriate to its clients.

As the original company grew, in 1996 the founders spun off Professional Presence Providers, a pioneer in Web-based business applications. This company also employed its founder's development disciplines toward Web development, then still a wild frontier with few disciplined practitioners. Infusing professional project management and best practices into this new field is an essential reason Advanta Solutions LLC retains so many of those clients to this day.

Between 1996 and 2000, technical and market forces moved the back office and the Web ever closer and the two companies often combined more projects and resources. Ultimately the two businesses melded back into one. Advanta Solutions, Inc. was born on 1 Jan 2000 under the leadership of its founder, Leon Chalnick.

Advanta Solutions, LLC was formed after the former company was disolved in 2006. This was done on the advice of our accounting firm as they believed that based on changes in our operations, there were advantages to operating as an LLC.

Advanta Solutions now focuses on rapidly and efficiently solving complex department-level business problems within large commercial and governmental enterprises that seek to improve operations through technological innovation. Advanta Solutions develops custom Web-enabled solutions for Intranets and extranets built on sound business practices and a proprietary development methodology using standard software tools.


Leon Chalnick: CEO, noted Author, Lecturer

Mr. Chalnick is a noted author of several articles and books on software development beginning with his first book published in 1993. He is a featured speaker at trade shows and developer conferences. It is Mr. Chalnick's design and codification of the business process that is largely responsible for the quality of the company's work, client loyalty and the enthusiasm of their recommendations.

Advanta Solutions has an exceptional track record for long-term client retention owing to the quality of its service and support. Documentation detail and clarity exceed client expectations and minimize both dependence and support. Clients return to Advanta Solutions for enhancements and additional projects as they know they can be relied on to communicate clearly, work efficiently and provide excellent support.

Quality Standards

Advanta Solutions pursues the following criteria and standards in its development:

  1. Follow a proven development process drawn from the best industry practices;
  2. Design solutions primarily around sound business practices;
  3. Build custom software solutions that exceed these business criteria;
  4. Create compelling financial advantages whenever possible though efficient solutions that reduce costs and/or increase capacity;
  5. Maximize usability to reduce training and maintenance costs;
  6. Write secure code using effective tools;
  7. Deliver timely milestones with rapid development tools and methods;
  8. Document solutions that clients own and manage without dependence upon our ongoing maintenance.